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You see your child growing everyday, but you may not see precisely how they compare to where they were last year, or compare to other children their age.
With an annual checkup, Dr. Michelle Kolsi in Glendale, California, can chart your child’s growth and development, and note the milestones they’ve reached. She’ll also manage their scheduled vaccinations and immunizations, and answer any questions you may have about your child’s health. Call Dr. Kolsi for your annual appointment today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from an annual checkup?

Annual checkups are an important part of maintaining your child’s overall health. During the appointment, your child will be weighed and measured and their growth will be compared to their previous checkups and national averages. Dr. Michelle will look in your child’s eyes, ears, nose, and throat. She’ll test their reflexes, muscle tone, and strength, and examine their body for any obvious physical problems.

You will be asked questions about their development including how well they eat, sleep, play, interact with others, and perform in school. You will be asked about any illnesses, surgeries, hospitalizations, or accidents they have experienced that were treated by other physicians.

Your child may have immunizations at their annual checkup if it is a part of their immunization schedule. The entire process, from start to finish, is designed to help your child be comfortable with Dr. Kolsi and to answer any questions you may have about your child’s health.

Is there an age where I should stop having my child examined annually?

No. Ideally, every person should receive an annual physical examination. During these exams, physicians have an opportunity to establish what is normal for a patient and what is not. It is during these examinations that Dr. Kolsi will have a chance to discuss your child’s overall well-being rather than an acute illness they may be experiencing during other office visits.

This annual exam also presents a chance to discuss any challenges your child may have with learning, paying attention, social interactions, eating, sleeping, or other basic functions in a more relaxed appointment than one where your child is ill.

Annual checkups are also a chance for your child to become more familiar with Dr. Kolsi and establish a trusting relationship between doctor and patient.

Is an annual checkup covered by my insurance?

Your insurance carrier will be able to tell you whether or not annual checkups are covered under your plan. Our insurance specialists are happy to help you navigate your coverage and assist you in requesting any authorizations you may need.

For many plans, annual checkups fall under “preventative medicine”. Contact your insurance carrier or our office for more detailed information.

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