What is considered a “normal” baby stool?


In the first few days of your baby’s life you’ll notice their stool is thick, black, and shiny. This tar-like substance is known as meconium. Once your baby’s digestive system begins to work with formula or breast milk, their stool will change as well. Within 3-5 days of birth, a baby’s stool will become brown-green and then turn to a loose, yellow, seedy mixture as they begin to digest breast milk. These loose, yellow-colored stools continue as long as the baby is exclusively breast fed. On the other hand, babies who are formula fed tend to have light brown, pasty bowel movements. As you begin to feed your baby solid foods, the color and quality of their stool once again changes with their diet. For example, if a baby eats beets their stool will be tinted red. If your baby’s stool suddenly changes color or consistency without a change in their diet, they may be sick. If you’re concerned about your baby’s bowel movements, please consult with Dr. Kolsi for more information.

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